How To Breed Magnet Dragon In Dragon City


How To Breed Magnet Dragon In Dragon City

- Formula
To get this wonderful looking Magnet Dragon(Terra + Metal + Electric), you have to unlock the level 3 breeding sanctuary. Proceed to use the following combo:
Terra + Battery
Terra + Gold
Star + Steampunk
Armadillo + Battery

Info Dragon
Name: Magnet Dragon
Habitat:Earth, Metal, And Electric
Habitat Lv: 1
Type: Exclusive
Shop Lv: 25
Shop: 3,000 Gems
Hatch: 45000 xp
Sell: 700000 Gold
Breeding: 1 day 12 h
Hatching: 2 days 2 h
Category: 4

Generation: EX

Attack Magnet Dragon

- additional
1. LV  take effect
2.It's not 100%  succeed

Mencoba bertahan hidup di dunia yang tenggelam dalam lumpur ini ...

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