Funny Short Stories in English

Funny Short Story in English or a short story is a work of literature that much endeared society, can also be accepted in all circles, due to the short story as well as other stories, there are short stories for children, teens, and adults as well. Okay this time I will mengshare a short story that would have been funny.

Prior to his first, we discussed a bit about his, Yes. In a short story contained some figures (antagonist & protagonists), and in the short story, there is a Groove or the course of a story (plot forward, backward, Groove and Groove mix), also in the short story there is a setting (setting the time, place, and others)

Okay, now that we come to his.

Sadness That Swathed The Laughter

CyberNet is a normal teenager who graduated the school like other teenagers. Aware of can't keep throwing each other jokes with his friends like just yet, Cybernet invites his friends to play at one of the friend's House after graduation. After graduation, they decided to play at the home located in the Radit pedasaan, arguing that they can have fun in a quiet village, understandably, their life at school is far from calm words.

CyberNet silent sculpting his friends waiting at the roadside. An occasional glance at the Cybernet hours stuck in his hand. CyberNet already 9-minute wait, but none of his friend's nose visible rods.

Tine twisting his neck, check if one of his friends has already come, and it turns out that his friends are already on his side.

"Since when do you guys up here?" asked a confused Cybernet

"Since we got it," countered Alpa flat

"We are mengobrolnya on the trip only. We must quickly before the Sun is above our heads, can-can we heat up later, "said Radit while stepped, followed by his friends

"By the way, arriving there what will we do?" asked Alpa

"Home Ain't Radit is far," reply Reza

"It doesn't hurt to merencakanan something," chimes in Alpa

"Maybe you're right," said Radit agree

"How about playing football?" suggestions Reza

"It's too good," Alpa

"Marbles?" suggestions Reza again

"It is too childish," Alpa again

"The Chase?"

"It's the new teen boy games," said Alpa agreed

"Isn't playing the same kekanak-kanakannya and romp with 2 previous games?" asked Cybernet confused

"Noisy!" snapped Alpa

"You do not know the pleasure of playing the actual romp," chimes in on Reza

"What do you mean?" asked Cybernet confused

"I'll show you," said Reza while approaching a bald fathers who were bent over, looking for something. Without aba aba-Reza direct gives a kick in the butt man. Finally the man is automatically fell to the wayside

"Aaa! I can't believe you're doing such abject Tine, "slander Reza pointing Tine

"How dare you boy!" said the man was angry

CyberNet directly tancap gas, followed by that guy and his friends. All the veins on the face of the father was prominent, and his face already red saga, shows he was already upset.

"With this Tine know its extreme play tag and we can more quickly up. CyberNet already know the way to rumahmu'kan? "asked Reza while running

"Yes." Answer brief Radit while continuing to run

After running being pursued death, Cybernet has finally reached the front of the House, followed by his friends Radit already terguyur sweat. CyberNet rolling his eyes to the simple White House with 2 window between the wooden door. The mengahap home to rows of rice paddy a swath of it terkesang very quiet.

"Earlier it was almost alone. Somehow I can get away from the bulldozers, "said Tine with gasping breath

"All right. Before we go to a small hut or small house amidst rice paddies that, I'll take the food used to be, "said Radit

"Great idea, free food is always delicious," countered Alpa

All of a sudden heard a sound of a door open followed by the sound of "Apparently you're home my son," which comes from the father the Radit none other than the man who last pursuit of Cybernet

"He quickly reach," Tine gumam slowly

"Cybernet, you'd want to be buried where?" asked Alpa and Cybernet just quietly frozen fear

"Oh, you're the last kick bokongku, huh?" asked father Radit while doing warm up

"Sorry," said Tine slowly

"Well, this time it's you I'm maaf'kan, but if it is happen again. I'm going to let go of your head as I let go of the bottle cap, "said father Radit while back into the House

"Huh. Good thing he's a forgiving, "said Tine relief

"Come on in," invite Radit

"No, thank you. I prefer here, "replied the quick Tine

"Well," countered Radit while entry into his house

"Oh yeah, by the way, what do you guys know detective Canon?" asked Alpa sudden

"Somehow it feels like there is something wrong in your question that," said Reza while justifying his glasses

"I ... don't know. So who is she? "asked the curious Cybernet

"He's a fictional character as we are. She wore glasses that made him look cool. Most distinctive character is always cool, but somehow in this story, the character berkacamatanya even the most errors, "said Alpa

"I guess that said Alpa have a point. Try to look cool, if you tried you could definitely. Try to say the words of wisdom from the Canon of detective, "said Tine to Reza

"You sure?" asked Reza doubts

"Trust me, it works," replied Tine while patting shoulders Reza

"Let me try," reply Reza

"Detectives are also human beings, not God who knows everything," said Reza while reflecting the Sun's light from his glasses

"How what I look cool?"

"You look ridiculous," replied Alpa flat

"Somehow, if you're that mention it, that sentence sounds different," added Tine

"Oh never mind, looks like I was not destined to be a person like that. And people like me is very rare. I understand in addition to me there is only one guy that looks like me, "said Reza

"Is that true? Who he is? "asked the curious Cybernet

"People who make this story," replied Reza

"Somehow I'm not surprised," said Alpa flat

"Oh never mind, and besides, it's not important. Oh yes, you know the joke tok tok? "asked Cybernet

"Ouh, jokes that. I know. So why? "retorts Alpa

"I had a good joke tok tok," replied Cybernet

"Tok tok," said Tine

"Who's there?" reply Alpa


"Ouh, please get out,"

"It's not that damn!" snapped Cybernet

"Never mind, and I'd guess if leluconmu it's not funny," countered Alpa flat

"Every time you issue a leluconmu, only 1 person who laughed, and that is yourself," continued Alpa

"Alpa is right, if you keep removing the joke crisp without gravy, the reader will be blurred before it could finish reading this story," added Reza

ALPA and Reza continued to insist that the joke was issued that Cybernet will crisp. While Cybernet insisted that the joke was about to issue would be good. If you think what?

"..., see, no one answered. That means their confusion describe a joke payahmu it, "said Reza

"Enough is enough. Biodiversity is not strong, "said Tine while prostrate

"See, told you his joke is not funny," said Reza

"It is simply about leluconku!" snapped Cybernet

"Sorry, it's been making you guys wait a long time. Just now I've told you guys should wait inside, "said Radit while out of his house with a rantang in his right hand

"Well, let's go to have a good time with us," invite Radit while stepped, followed by his friends.

Radit walked slowly at the edge of a rice field map with his friends lined up to mess behind. Occasionally her friends play eye to animals in the rice fields, such as the frogs jumping around like a pocong, tadpoles are immersed, and eel are buried in the mud.

After passing through the bejalan River with a width of 30 cm. And then pass the komodo dragon, or rather the grandson of komodo dragons often called lizard. Then beat the magical dragon that can change color in a tree. The Dragon you know as a chameleon. Finally the Radit and his friends up in the tree that is 10 meters from a small hut. 10 seconds later they finally arrived at the mango tree, then after that they arrived at the lime tree. Then they came to a small hut which they are headed.

"The scenery here quite well," said Alpa while continuing to rotate his eyes, enjoying every inch of the reigning beauties

"We usually see si Didi Maung creepy, so reasonable only if this sight looks beautiful," reply Reza

"Oh Yes. What are you guys still remember with Didi Pythons? "asked Alpa

"Oh yes, how could I forget. That time I was about to go to the toilet, I've asked permission to km. as I opened the door of the class, for the first time I saw the face of Didi Pythons, and I immediately said ' Allahhu'akbar! '. After that I could not sit comfortably for a week, "said Reza

"True. He was able to catch students who tried to run from the school by way of the Chase, then twisted around the pupil na'as, because that is he called Didi Pitong, besides her lush. He is one of the 7 legendary teacher killer, so reasonable only if he can be like that, "added Tine

"Yes, that's how. Indeed, why? "asked Radit to Alpa

"No," replied Alpa flat

"Then why did you ask it," Tine gumam slowly

"Hey. How about we play anything? "suggestions Reza

"It's up to the important, don't play romp," countered Cybernet

"If war game?" suggestions Alpa

"It may be too, but don't be too excessive, could have read this later collapsed," said Radit

"I understand," said Alpa while standing upright and stared Reza sharp

"Reeeezzaaaaa!!" cried Alpa

"Aaalpaaaa!!" reply Reza

Reza and Alpa mutual ran approached each other. Then Reza slowly lifted his fist, slowly, really slowly. ALPA also slowly avoid attack Reza, but unfortunately didn't get to Alpa and finally reluctantly accepted the attack of Reza.

"Khhuuuaaaakkkhhh" said Alpa are in pain, and of course with a slow

"Khuak. I'm dead, "said Alpa while Snooze

"Huh. Earlier it was the match that very fierce, "said Reza with the breath gasping

"What's so Fierce?" asked Cybernet slowly

"Chance!" cried Radit while running approached Reza. All of a sudden just legs moving, undermine Alpa Radit feet. Radit barely fall from gubud and go to the rice fields. Radit feet already are on the side of the gubud. ALPA stand pelahan while looking at Reza. Then they nodded to each other.

"It's sparta!" cried Alpa while kicking the Radit, making falls freely to the Radit rice fields. As a result of direct terhiasi his clothes with Radit mud

"Woy! You're too much! "cried angry Radit

"Never mind, don't overdo it. Furthermore the House near from here, "countered Alpa flat

The "Geez. Even in the silent pedasaan, if there is a direct kesunyiannya you guys disappear, "said Radit while riding to the top of the hut

"Iya-iya. I'm sorry, "pinta Alpa

"But in retrospect, after this we will probably miss that noise like this," said Tine that makes everything fell silent, creating a silence for a few moments

"Every time there are meetings, there is always a separation. Our homes are separated very long, just maybe this is the last day we played together, "continued Cybernet

"What are you Talking? Distance in no way can keep the friendship. And now it's already modern era, "sangga Alpa

"Still, even though you're speaking so. ..." said Cybernet slowly

Reza heaved a long breath. Then say "Alpa's right, after this we will often play together, because we get into the same HIGH SCHOOL, plus the value of the UN we are not much different, and our values are more than enough to get into the HIGH SCHOOL that we are headed,"

"Eh?! Why did you not tell me! "snapped Cybernet upset

Cybernet vacation and his friends walked with great excitement. Especially for Cybernet, Cybernet was originally due to assume that it was his last vacation getaway with friends. So suppose liburanmu is terakhirmu holiday, so you'd better enjoy the liburanmu, and not necessarily you can holiday like that again.

- End
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